2016 Grantee: SeedCo -- Food Cents


Founded in 1987, Seedco’s mission is to advance economic opportunity for people, businesses and communities in need. Seedco operates as an intermediary entity building the capacity of community-based organizations and as a direct service provider in its three core mission areas: (1) Workforce Development, focusing on long-term skill building, retention and advancement designed to improve employment outcomes for low-income individuals; (2) Work and Family Support, helping individuals build assets and move towards economic self-sufficiency; and (3) Technical Assistance for nonprofits and government.

Thanks to a grant from ATE, Seedco is launching Food Cents, an enhancement to its benefits access work, utilizing its proprietary EarnBenefits® Online (EBO) tool to provide an estimated 400 food insecure households with the support and knowledge needed to budget for and access consistent, healthy meals for their families. Food Cents will also offer introductory resources around managing household finances, identifying affordable healthy foods and maximizing benefits. Seedco’s long-term goal is to build upon the knowledge gained through food-focused financial empowerment strategies to help low income families maintain access to healthy meals, while increasing their self-sufficiency and eventually reducing their need for public benefit assistance over time.